What We Use

  • HEPA rated dust filtration systems that are capable of capturing particles as small as .3 microns (pollen, mold, bacteria, asbestos). These systems are state-of-the-art. Most importantly, these systems incorporate a self-cleaning technology that keeps the filters as efficient at the end of the job as when the job started.
  • HEPA systems with incredible suction rates of 300 to 690 cubic feet of air per minute; suction so powerful that dust particles are captured before they get into the air. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance. To qualify as HEPA by US government standards, an air filter must remove (from the air that passes through) 99.97% of particles that have a size of 0.3 micron.
  • Commercially rated equipment that can withstand the rigors of removing both tile and thinset.
  • Diamond coated floor grinding blades that make quick work of stubborn thin-set.