Wall Tile Removal

Old wall tile or backsplash removal is best left to the professionals simply because of the complexity.  Dust B Gone is familiar with the different types of wall tile applications, and knows how to remove it dust free, as well as knowing how not to damage your home.  Dust B Gone uses only the best equipment to safely and efficiently remove old tile.  When old tile is needing to be removed, there is a lot of preparation that needs to be done before tackling the job.  The wall area needs to have all electrical fixtures removed, appliances etc…   If you want Dust B Gone to assist you in removing or moving these items, we can for an additional charge; please let us know before we get to your home so we can make time for the wall preparation.

After everything is out of the way/off the wall, we get to work.  We asses the room we are working in to see if drop cloths or plastic sheets are needed.  We are dust free tile removal, but we still look at every angle when in your home, respecting your property.  We completely remove all tile with the dust being suctioned into our high power equipment, specifically designed to suction dust from tile being removed.  We will also scrape any residue or glue, making the wall ready for new backsplash, tile or paint.  We have experience also removing venetian plaster as well.

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When Dust Be Gone is done removing all old tile, everything is cleaned up and we dispose of everything.  You are now ready to have your new surface wall done!