Tile Removal Cleanup

Dust B Gone cleans up of all work areas. We won’t leave you in the dust! Tile removal is a very dirty process and we know how to remove that old tile without causing your entire home to be filthy and unsafe.  Even with our dust free tile removal, there is still the old tile and flooring debris that needs to be disposed of.Dust B Gone removes all old tile, dust and anything else that was associated with the old flooring we removed.

The problem with conventional tile removal is the DUST!  There is about one pound of that silica, thin-set dust per square foot of tile removed.  Even if standard shop vacuums are used in conjunction with the “old school” way of removing tile, the dust still gets all over the place because the filters plug up so quickly, no matter what kind of shop vacuum or filter used.  The state of the art equipment and vacuums we use are really the only way to have virtually dust free tile removal. The dangerous silica dust when not removed properly like Dust B Gone does, gets into the smallest of the smallest places all over your home, furniture, surfaces and lungs!

Please be assured that when hiring Dust B Gone to remove your old tile, not only will you be making a responsible decision, protecting your family– you will have a clean surface, ready for new flooring or tile.  You can also expect us to have the job done a lot quicker than other companies because of the incredibly efficient machines we use.



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