Saltillo Tile SAFE removal

Dust B Gone effectively AND safely removes your old or outdated Saltillo.  Removing this tile without the proper tools, equipment and knowledge could result in severe breathing problems– and up to lung cancer!  What happens when this tile is removed is the thins-set (grout between the tile) is being removed, is the thin dust from the extraction is being released into the air, and all over any furniture or property within several feet of the project.  This dust contains a carcinogen called silica which has been proven to be extremely dangerous, not only to the property where the tile is being removed, but also to the employees who are exposed to this chemical over time.  Dust B Gone has a strong commitment to protecting not only the community, but also the people doing the work in your home.

Dust B Gone understands the power of customer satisfaction, and also understands that customer satisfaction is more easily sustained with happy employees.  When you have Dust B Gone come to your home to remove your tile, you can be assured that you will have respectable people, a company that appreciates your business and also state of the art safety equipment removing you tile to ensure harmful chemicals are not ingested by anyone.