Safe Tile Removal

Dust B Gone uses only the safest procedures in everything we do.  We specialize in dust free tile removal.  Dust free tile removal is more than just a cleaner way of removing old tile to prepare for your new flooring.  Conventional tile removal from other companies usually entails chipping up the old tile, breaking apart the tiles and the grout (thin-set) — causing small and large particles of dust, dirt… and worse silica to land on virtually every surface in your home and your indoor air that you and you family breathe.


The problem with conventional tile removal is much more than just a dusty/dirty house and the entire household coughing with a scratchy, sore throat.  The silica that is released into the air has actually been proven to cause horrible illness, injury, cancer… and even death.  While these injuries don’t happen to 100% of people, Dust B Gone isn’t willing to knowingly take the cheaper route, just to save a few dollars.  Dust B Gone has spent tens of thousands of dollars on state of the art equipment that actually captures virtually all of these cancer causing particulates to keep the air safe we all breathe.  Dust B Gone’s equipment is not a simple shop vacuum, but rather a very well engineered tile removal system, engineered specifically to ensure virtually all dust is captured.

Dust B Gone is a family owned company, and fully understands the importance of indoor air quality, not just for you and your human family, but for your beloved pets as well.  Animals breathe the same air we do, and when we are in your home you can be assured your animals will also get the same respect.  The Dust B Gone family are complete animal lovers; on any given day, you can stop into our showroom and visit our family dog, Amber who shows up to work every day.