Peoria Dust Free Tile Removal

YES, we remove tile virtually dust free!  Other companies may claim to have “clean tile removal”, but that isn’t dust free usually.  True dust free tile removal requires expensive equipment engineered specifically to safely remove tile without allowing silica into the air.

There are only one or two other known companies in the valley that can truly remove tile dust free and safely.  What makes Dust B Gone different is that we are conveniently and centrally located, so we can service any location from Surprise to Tempe and more.  We also have a high level of job satisfaction, true caring for people, compassion for ailments such as asthma, skin allergies and more.  Part of the reason we do what we do is to allow people with sensitivities to chemicals and dust to be able to do things such as replace tile in their home.

Things many of us take for granted, such as being able to pick out new flooring and have the old stuff ripped out are not options for more and more people.  We have helped people with auto-immune disease be able to not only be able to have old tile replaced, but they were able to stay in their home because what we do is so safe– there is no worry of having that dangerous silica polluting the indoor air quality.

Asthma sufferers truly appreciate Dust B Gone’s approach to removing old tile.  The dangerous silica and dust that is shot all over your home with conventional and dirty tile removal, really causes breathing problems with asthma and allergy sufferers.

Things many people don’t think about are also small babies, toddlers and animals.  Small or premature babies often times will have underdeveloped lung function, and it is imperative to keep the air quality as safe as possible while lung function develops.  Dust B Gone enables parents and pet owners to feel at ease, knowing we have your safety and best interest at mind.


Dust B Gone won’t leave you in the dust!