Health & Environmental Concerns

  • Your health is important to us. Tile floors and thin-set contain silica. The process of tile removal releases ultra-fine particles of cement dust into the air, which can be easily breathed in, potentially causing asthma flareups and, potentially, silicosis or lung cancer. Silicosis is a disease from breathing in crystalline silica dust which causes a thickening and scarring of lung tissue. OSHA (U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational &Safety Health Administration) ruling on silica can be found at Our HEPA systems dramatically reduces exposure to silica dust.
  • Your house is also important to us. Tile removal without use of the above mentioned technologies will release large volumes of silica dust into your house. Conventional draping alone will not prevent dust from covering everything in its path. This means dust inside cabinets, on dishes, clothes, etc. More importantly, unsealed heating and cooling systems can suck up this dust and contaminate the ducts and A/C evaporative coils, which will require expensive cleaning.