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Dust Free Tile Removal BY Dust B Gone

Dust free tile removal is more than just a cleaner way of removing old tile to prepare for your new flooring.  Conventional tile removal from other companies usually entails chipping up the old tile, breaking apart the tiles and the grout (thin-set) — causing small and large particles of dust, dirt… and worse cancer causing silica to land on virtually every surface in your home and your indoor air that you and you family breathe.

1. Both residential and commercial projects.
2. Over 40 years experience in the flooring industry.
3. Hepa filters capture over 98% of cement dust.
4. You don’t have to leave the house.
5. Healthier environment for everyone, especially those with breathing problems.
6. Virtually no clean up.
7. Tile removed in less than half the time.
8. Professional crews with a complete set of professional equipment.
9. Appliance and furniture moving is available.
10. Affordable rates – total cost is less than traditional methods.

Tile is removed and floors are cleaned and prepped in half the time. You can stay in your house.

Dust-B-Gone uses a HEPA rated tile removal system that captures dust particles as small as 0.3 microns (17 times smaller than a grain of pollen). With approximately 1 pound of thin set adhesive per square foot, literally hundreds of pounds of dust is captured by our system, leaving the house as clean, or cleaner, than when we started.

Now you can have your old tile floors replaced without the messy and unhealthy dust created by traditional tile removal methods.

No need to cover rooms, counters, walls, pictures, lights, etc., because our Hepa filter system captures over 98% of the cement and tile dust BEFORE it becomes airborne.

Peoria, AZ Dust Free Tile Removal Contractor


Our is your story of how we got started is a simple one; we genuinely care about the well being and safety of our community.  After removing tile the old fashion way for years,  we learned how harmful silica is for your lungs.  We learned of the harmful effects, diseases and even cancer that can happen because of this silica.  We invested in the HEPA vacuum system which captures 98% of the harmful dust in your home before it becomes airborne. Dust B Gone cares about the environment, indoor air quality and YOUR safety.  Traditional tile removal with a hammer or chisel are less expensive than our state of the art system we use… but we really believe you can’t put a price on your health and safety.

This is a much healthier option, especially for people with breathing difficulties

Our trained technicians know exactly how to operate this equipment properly to ensure your family is safe, your home stays clean, and you are not at risk of breathing in harmful carcinogens.

Cleaner and faster tile removal means less time to remove your old tile floors. You can stay in the home, and even watch thew entire process — safely!

Tile removal without use of the above mentioned technologies will release large volumes of silica dust into your house. Conventional draping alone will not prevent dust from covering everything in its path.