Dust Free Benefits

Dust free benefits of tile being removed dust free are more than just cleanliness, and can actually be a matter of life or death!  This may sound a bit exaggerative, but after you learn about the what lurks inside your floor, you will change your mind.  Dust free tile removal eliminated the hazards the dangerous silica dust causes, such as asthma attacks, COPD, scarred lungs, emphysema and even cancer!

Traditional tile removal leaves leaves a tremendous amount of dirt, debris and dust in your home that requires extensive cleanup.  Often times the mess is so bad it requires a very costly and professional cleanup.  Many times when other companies remove tile, it can take several days or even weeks — depending on how large the job is.  With all the dust and dirt in the home, as well as usually moved furniture and tarps everywhere, it is hard to stay in the home at all.  Going out to eat at almost every meal, as well as hotel stays are something not usually planned for in the budget to get new flooring, but most always what put the budget unexpectedly over budget.

With Dust B Gone dust free tile removal, you can not only stay in your home, prepare and eat meals safely, but also expect to have the tile removed very quickly due to the efficiency of the equipment that is used.Dust B Gone is a family owned company, and fully understands the importance of indoor air quality, not just for you and your human family, but for your beloved pets as well.When Dust B Gone is completes every job, there is a checklist that is gone over to ensure nothing was missed. We won’t leave you in the dust!  

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