Background Information of tile removal

Many people choose not to replace old or damaged tile floors because of the hundreds of pounds of cement dust that is created during tile removal /  removing the tile and thin-set. Sealing off areas with plastic and covering furniture with plastic just doesn’t work well. The cement (silica) dust created is so fine that it easily gets through the smallest gaps.




It also gets into the A/C, heating ducts, distributing it throughout the rest of the house.

People choosing this method typically move out of their house for up to a week. No matter how good the clean up, cement dust will be found for months afterwards on dishes, pictures, drawers, and having the ducts professionally cleaned is often required.

With our highly rated HEPA filter system, you can now upgrade your tile floors with a host of new flooring options, and do it with confidence. You won’t have to cover anything, you won’t have to move into your neighbor’s house or a motel, and the tile will be removed and the floor readied for installers. And not

to mention, this is a much healthier option, especially for people with breathing difficulties.

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