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Keeping Your Family Safe Is Our Number One Priority

When we go to work everyday, we know we are in the business of helping people.  While dust free tile removal may not be on the hearts and minds of everybody, it is definitely on ours.  Dust B Gone is very familiar with allergy suffering, and knows removing tile dust free, is not only safer-- but helps to not have those dreadful allergy attacks form the dust that traditional tile…

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Running From Dust

The featured image to this article is perhaps a tad over-dramatic, but in all seriousness conventional tile removal can make you feel like you are in a dust storm.  Dust B Gone has taken this dusty problem and invested in state of the art equipment to make the process of tile removal, virtually dust free.  Th dust from tile removal is more than just messy; it is extremely harmful, as it…

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Protect Your Lungs!

I recently heard from a friend that a flooring company they were considering told them that there isn't such thing as a virtually dust free tile removal process and that just draping the cabinets would be all that is needed. Well, that flooring company has been approached by Dust-B-Gone and has chosen to only offer their customers the traditional dusty tile removal method. Too bad for the flooring company and…

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Dust Free Environment

Creating a dust-free environment so you can breathe easily is what we are about next to our dedication and quality of workmanship. We enjoy having our business grow by word of mouth and is the most fulfilling thing our company could have. It shows we do a good job in a timely manner and leave a clean work site. Check us out to see what we are all about and how we can…

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