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The Importance Of A Healthy Childhood

It is no secret that Dust B Gone is always focused on keeping you, your family and pets as safe and healthy as possible.  The reason we do what we do is because we genuinely care.  So often, you will read about the dangers of cancer causing silica dust in thin-set grout, and how we can virtually eliminate your exposure to it by our state of the art tile removal…

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Winter Holidays 2017

With all of the family, festivities and holiday gatherings this time of year-- we usually have a lot of clutter around.  Clutter isn't always a bad thing in small increments, but imagine having the Christmas tree, Hanakah Menorah or little winter house village setup all year round!  Although it is very delightful to have family, friends and loved ones visit, it is also usually relieving when they leave.  You have…

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Clean & Dust Free Home

Having a virtually clean home after a major home improvement project is nearly unheard of. Here at Dust-B-Gone, we pull our carpet, tile, stone, and hardwood flooring all in a timely manner and virtually dust free. Using a HEPA filtration system we don't just throw all that nasty and harmful dust back into the air or all over your yard, instead, we collect the dust releasing nothing and then disposing of…

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