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Virtually Dust Free Tile Removal AND You Don’t Have To Leave

Tile being removed without the proper equipment, simply put is dangerous and can cause cancer.  It has been proven that the dust from the thin-set when tile is being removed contains cancer causing silica.  There is more that silica and this dust can do to harm your health, such as asthma flare-ups and more, but we don't need to go into more detail about that. Be Smart. Be Safe. Protect…

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Clean Air Happy Home

Removing tile from your home is a dusty mess contaminating your home and air. Understanding this, we want to offer people a way around this. We remove tile and grout from your home leaving behind only 0.01% of the dust created by this process. What we do is use a true HEPA filtration system that is hooked up to our tools sucking out all the dust and leaving behind clean air and…

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