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Keeping Your Family Safe Is Our Number One Priority

When we go to work everyday, we know we are in the business of helping people.  While dust free tile removal may not be on the hearts and minds of everybody, it is definitely on ours.  Dust B Gone is very familiar with allergy suffering, and knows removing tile dust free, is not only safer-- but helps to not have those dreadful allergy attacks form the dust that traditional tile…

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Protect Your Lungs!

I recently heard from a friend that a flooring company they were considering told them that there isn't such thing as a virtually dust free tile removal process and that just draping the cabinets would be all that is needed. Well, that flooring company has been approached by Dust-B-Gone and has chosen to only offer their customers the traditional dusty tile removal method. Too bad for the flooring company and…

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Floors Can Make You Sick – Hidden Danger of DIY Tile Removal

Most of us are now aware of asbestos in very old home's pipes, and are aware of the life threatening danger of this dangerous chemical.  This wasn't always the case though; in fact it used to be common practice to use asbestos in the kitchen.  As seen in the picture to the left of the FLAMEMASTER® the picture of the woman with pots and pans cooking with the help of…

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