When we go to work everyday, we know we are in the business of helping people.  While dust free tile removal may not be on the hearts and minds of everybody, it is definitely on ours.  Dust B Gone is very familiar with allergy suffering, and knows removing tile dust free, is not only safer– but helps to not have those dreadful allergy attacks form the dust that traditional tile removal causes.

2018 is more than a quarter passed already, with summer right around the corner; have you been putting off the flooring in your home?  Call us, we can tear up the old floor virtually dust free, and do all the heavy lifting so your new floor is ready to be installed.  When we are done removing tile, your floors will be free of all the old flooring and smooth.

Removing tile yourself is hard work without the proper tools, not to mention dangerous because of the harmful chemicals that is in the dust from the disturbed thin-set.  Another downside to removing tile yourself is that it will most likely take you 5-10 times longer than having it removed by a professional.  What is your time worth?

Studies have shown that the dust in the air form removing tile contains a cancer causing silica; this is why we use state of the art equipment with hepa filter vacuum technology to capture 99% of this harmful dust so you and your family/pets don’t breath it in.  What is your health worth?

We always respect you and your family, realizing everything you love dearest is in that home.

Although it is perfectly safe to remain in the home while we remove your tile dust-free, we are still offering the “dinner and a movie” promotion.  (2 movie tickets and a $25 gift card to a restaurant) *mention promo code DM2018T