For anybody who has undertook any kind of home improvement project, it is no secret your home is a mess.

Not only is your home dusty, but there can be hidden dangers such as rusty nails, silica dust and even asbestus sometimes.  Due to this mess, many homeowners are taking to actually leaving the home during this process, and come back when done.  Dust B Gone isn’t able to keep you safe from rusty nails or other remodeling dangers, but what were are able to do is SAFELY remove your old tile virtually dust free!  The importance of having tile removed properly, and dust free is because silica dust can be deadly; this silica dust is produced in micro fine particles when the thin-set is chipped up. Even if you were to leave your home when tile is being removed without dust free tile removal equipment, you are not guaranteed safe to return because this silica dust gets into every tiny crack, crevice, baby toys and more!  The dust is so fine, it is not seen sometimes, but easily breathed in.

You are worth Dust B Gone service.

It isn’t worth skimping on price for your tile removal when you take into account the hidden dangers your tile is lurking.  Call on us to protect your family the next time you are replacing you old tile.

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We won’t leave you in the dust!