What an interesting title to a post written on a dust free tile removal website huh?

Dust And Silica may seem more appropriate since that is what we are removing during tile removal.  The crew at Dust B Gone Tile Removal comes out with heavy duty- state of the art tools and immediately begin to safely rip out old tile.  Once the tile is removed, the floor is prepared to accept new flooring.  All of this is great, and a wonderful service, but what does this have to do with sugar and spice?

Simple, there is a softer side to the management at Dust B Gone!

The loud buzz of the tools and the pounds of dust plus wonderful skin care and cosmetic options have become almost a marriage here.  That’s right, the management team at Dust B Gone are Mary Kay consultants as well.  It isn’t uncommon to see women walking into Dust B Gone, and walking out with the newest and latest/greatest anti-aging facial masks.  The women at Dust B Gone offer skincare solutions for both men and women; some men have been know to use their Mary Kay moisturizer on their elbows and hands more than the facial area because these areas are a lot of men’s trouble spots due to working conditions.

Mary Kay is no longer the cosmetic line just for the ladies; it is becoming ever more popular for construction workers, HVAC technicians and teenage young men battling acne.

If you are wanting more information on Mary Kay, or want real life stories of how forehead wrinkles have almost dissipated after months of Mary Kay continuous use, please call the store, or better yet– just stop in!

For dust free tile removal, Dust B Gone is the place to call.

If your interested in improving your skin, ask us how!

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