It is no secret that Dust B Gone is always focused on keeping you, your family and pets as safe and healthy as possible.  The reason we do what we do is because we genuinely care.  So often, you will read about the dangers of cancer causing silica dust in thin-set grout, and how we can virtually eliminate your exposure to it by our state of the art tile removal process.  In addition to having a healthy body, exercising, eating the right foods and making sure the kids’ teeth are brushed– it is equally important to have a healthy mental psyche.

By the age of 8, most children have grown into what their temperament is, have a strong sense of what is safe, what is dangerous, what get’s you in trouble, what gets you rewarded and the difference between right and wrong.  Neurological research shows that  the early years of children are key in brain development.  From the start of life, babies begin to take notice of their surroundings, watching and learning what their environment encompasses.  The early experiences that children have can deeply affect their adolescent and adult social, cognitive abilities, self esteem and emotional stability.  While we focus on the physical health, and to avoid at all costs silica dust cause from tile being removed, the importance of a healthy childhood stems a lot further than the physical ailments that we all try to prevent.

Today’s world is full of handheld gadgets, video games and cell phones.  It is not uncommon anymore to see a 2 year old working an Ipad like a champ, or a 2nd grader having a personal cell phone!   While theses technological devices provide safety, education and entertainment, there is also a flip side to this technology revelation we are in.  Texting has taken over people calling and actually speaking to one another; although texting is incredibly convenient and quick, it still is creating a social shyness amongst some of the youth when face to face.  Going outside to “play” as many of us did as children is fading, with video games and social media platforms taking it’s place.  More and more children are now facing weight issues early in life simply due to not eating correctly and not doing things like bike riding or roller skating.  There is also the issue of childhood boredom and cyber bullying.  Many times the cyber bully perpetrator is not a bad per say child, but a damaged child seeking to feel better inside by making another child feel bad.  This thinking is incredibly wrong, but with being a child, mental development is not fully matured, thus the reason for parents, family, teachers and role models.  It is extremely important for the mental psyche of your child to feel safe.  Abraham Maslow had a theory about the hierarchy of human basic needs, and feeling safe is the number one need; every other need simply follows safety.  All other needs can not effectively be fulfilled to fruition without safety.  Watching your children online, looking at their history, having access to their social media pages and using internet page filters may not make you a popular parent now, but what’s more important– being a popular parent or raising a well rounded, successful adult with a high self esteem who is a productive member of society?  Times have changed, and the internet is not the best role model.

Briefly mentioned above was premature obesity in children.  It is proven if children are taught healthy habits young, they tend to carry them onto adulthood.  Children that carry more weight than other children are sometimes teased at school, have a poor self image and sometimes actually become bullies themselves to feel a false sense of power.  While it is so much fun to bring joy to our little ones through candy bars and soda pop, it is important to try and keep a balance on the sugary and high calorie treats.  High sugary, carbohydrate loaded foods actually produce “feel good” reactors in the brain, causing one to crave those foods once they are digested.  Food cravings are real, and that’s part of the science behind it. Teaching our youth about balance in all things is a tremendous life lesson; it starts with food.

The emotional, social, mental and physical health of children will without a doubt impact the adult they become.

It is so important to invest in children, and not just financially.  It has been proven that 60% of all high school dropouts will spend some time in prison throughout their lives.  While their is the anomaly, that kid raised by the “Leave It To Beaver” parents, where mom stayed home and still became a raging criminal– but for the most part, this 60% either got mixed up with the wrong crowd or were just mixed up, saddened youth trying to fit in or survive.  Prison is never fun, either is not having an education. Getting a job without a high school education and being able to afford life is almost nonexistent.  Unhappy home lives, children being abused and not feeling loved are most of this 60%, trying anything to fit in and not be abused by the parents who are supposed to love them.  Abuse comes in many forms, and children will hide it out of shame a lot.  This hiding the abuse creates feeling of unworthiness and constant lying.  This causes seeking friendship and love in some of the most inopportune people, usually ending badly.  These unhealthy relationships formed can cause life long detrimental effects.  The word abuse is most recently spoken about in the news as inappropriate sexual behavior.  This is absolutely abuse, and horrific for any child or adult to suffer through.  Abuse is more though, sometimes intentional and sometimes unintentional; telling your child they are stupid and ugly is a form of mental abuse.  Physical abuse that leaves marks that need to be hidden or cause explanation of injury are horrendous acts that confuse children about who they can trust, and just a lot more emotional feats that will have to either be battled later in life, or in a lot of case emotional defeat takes place.  Love your children, be patient, punish with love when needed and communicate to them their worth.

Social development helps children to communicate and interact with others as they go through this life journey.  There was an old saying “Children are to be seen and not heard”.  This is the furthest form the truth; children need to interact with adults as well as children.  Let children grow into a healthy social state.  Ask for their opinion on things, keep them involved and this helps keep the glue together. Children who are not shy, have a healthy social life, and speak to adults with eloquent conversation are just as smart as the shy girl in the corner, but have the appearance of having a higher intellect simply due to speech and composure.

Enjoy being parents!  🙂 It will seem like a blink of an eye and they are all grown up with their own children, who will most likely be raised how you taught them a parent should be.

If you need to have any floor tile removed, please remember Dust B Gone dust free tile removal.  We genuinely care for the overall health of you, your family and pets.  Virtually 99% dust free tile removal prevents your family from breathing in that dangerous dust; in fact our tile removal process is so safe that we have had asthma clients stay in their home while we worked!

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© Tyra Wade

Date 12/10/17