The featured image to this article is perhaps a tad over-dramatic, but in all seriousness conventional tile removal can make you feel like you are in a dust storm.  Dust B Gone has taken this dusty problem and invested in state of the art equipment to make the process of tile removal, virtually dust free.  Th dust from tile removal is more than just messy; it is extremely harmful, as it contains silica.

Our tile removal process is so safe, you don’t have to leave out of fear. Asthma, allergies, babies, pets etc… are all safe with our proven state of the art, virtually dust free tile removal process.

Dust Be Gone is a family business that has a true compassion for people.  While every business is just that, business — Dust B Gone is in business to help people who would normally not be able to have tile removed due to the harmful silica that is released into the air.  This family personally has been affected by severe allergies, and has a genuine compassion.