Most of us are now aware of asbestos in very old home’s pipes, and are aware of the life threatening danger of this dangerous chemical.  This wasn’t always the case though; in fact it used to be common practice to use asbestos in the kitchen.  As seen in the picture to the left of the FLAMEMASTER® the picture of the woman with pots and pans cooking with the help of the asbestos wicking.  What does this have to do with floors though?


There are also dangers hidden within your flooring if not properly handled.  For example, when floor tile is removed– there are dangerous chemicals released into the air from the thin-set; the most common, proven cancer causing chemical is silica.  Silica is in the very fine dust that is released when tile is broken up and removed.

Another hidden danger in some flooring is actually asbestos!  Yes, even though most of us know the huge danger of asbestos, lead paint etc… there is still some of

this lurking in hidden places in some homes.  Asbestos floor tiles are still around in some older homes.  It is common to restore older homes asbestos tile by just covering it with new flooring since it is safer to simply cover it than remove it.  Health problems happen when homeowners try to “DIY” (do it yourself) tile removal, not knowing what they are about to be exposed to.

Dust B Gone has it’s main location centrally located in Peoria Arizona, and has been safely removing tile around the valley for years.  Dust free tile removal in Sun City, Sun City West and Sun City Grand is VERY popular because many residents have health concerns such as asthma, COPD, emphysema and other breathing problems.  Sun city residents have trusted Dust B Gone for years to safely remove tile dust free, helping everyone breathe easier.

Dust B Gone is a leader in technology, using state of the art equipment to not only safely remove old and dangerous tiles, but also to create a more efficient tile removal process.  Tile removal by Dust B Gone is a lot quicker than conventional breaking, chipping and making a huge mess.  Dust B Gone dust free tile removal vacuums the dust into the equipment as the tile is being removed– capturing 99% of the dust.

Dust B Gone has a genuine concern for the health and safety of everyone, and for this reason we only remove tile dust free.  Our vision is to continue to provide “virtually” dust free tile removal and to continuously improve this service by keeping up with the newest technology. Dust-B-Gone will deliver a virtually dust free environment to the best of our ability, while using the most innovative and up to date equipment. We will provide superior customer service and conduct ourselves professionally while providing the best value for the customer.

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Author: © Tyra Wade

Date: 09/08/2017

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